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A pair of fashion prescription sunglasses

I hadn’t saw Patrick for a long time and I was happy to see him last Sunday when he was on a business trip to the city where I was living. The biggest difference I noticed was that Patrick wore a pair of fashionable prescription sunglasses when he came to see me in a restaurant we appointed to meet. We had lived in the same dormitory for four years in college but we went to different cities to start new careers respectively after graduation. So that is why we have few chances to see each other these years. I miss my best friend very much but the only way to remain our connection is through telephone or network. Actually, we have a lot of topics to exchange ideas and conduct communications, especially when I encounter some problems in my work; the first person I can turn to for help is Patrick. In my memory, he did not care much about his appearance but focused on the spirit level by reading and reading again. He had a good knowledge of many things in different industries. So I was shocked to see he should wear such a fashion style of sunglasses. I almost could not recognize him out at first sight.

Well, after talking for some time, I showed interest to his prescription sunglasses. He was just smiling at me and judging from his eye expression, I could tell that he was proud to see my reaction. I must admit that his taste has increased greatly. I knew that the style was leading the latest trend because I have seen it in fashion magazines. I touched it carefully to feel the materials that made it a good choice for wearers to show their taste. I was curious to know where he bought it and he was generous to share the good shopping place with me.

I was shocked again that he bought it from an online glasses store www.glassespeople.com. He offered the reason that he had no time to enjoy shopping through the traditional method. In addition, he found a good shopping place when one day he searched the Internet in his spare time. At first, he did not trust this method since he had no experience. But he still decided to have a try and it turned out to be a wise decision. He bought a pair of fashion prescription sunglasses with less money. Well, maybe I also wanna have a try.