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How to Buy Eyeglasses Online?

Welcome to OpticalCanada.com. Our aims are to serve you with high-quality eye care products and services for prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, prescription lenses and various eyeglasses frames.

To buy glasses online makes it easier to comparison shop that usually means you get a better price and save much time.

Step1 Get your glasses prescription.
Before you buy eyewear online you must call up your optometrist to get your prescription. You have to ask your optometrist to give you a copy of your most current prescription, including the PD (pupillary distance ), OD(Oculus Dexter) and OS(Oculus Sinister) in your prescription. You'll need this when ordering online.

Step 2 Choose Your Glasses Frame
Then you should choose the frame style that appeals or compromise to you. Frames that are too large or that don't fit the bridge of your nose properly can slip. Not only is that uncomfortable, but you also can get a headache if you're not looking through the optical centers of the lenses. We have different types of materials in frames like plastic, metal etc., and offer many different styles of frames including rimless and semi-rimless. All our frames are high quality, stylish and fashionable.

Step 3 Choose Your Lens Package and Coating
Various eyeglasses lens coatings, such as Anti-Reflective, Scratch- Resistant, Anti-fog and UV are provided. We also offer a choice of Single Vision Distance, Single Vision Reading, Bifocal or Progressive lenses. Of course, you'll be able to choose which colour and size you'd like for each frame selected.

Step 4 Place your order.
If you have already selected what you want, please select your payment method and enter your details and your shipping address as well as your desired shipping method. Finally, enter any gift voucher or coupon information you may have. If there are some questions you still not certain about, contact us at once.

Things You should Know
◦ Make sure that you not only have a correct, up-to-date prescription, but also that you input every detail correctly. A wrong decimal point or + or – symbol can make you feel dizzy and also do harm to your health.
◦ If you are still worried about whether your eyeglasses suit you or not, the best thing to do is wander into your local optical store and try-on different frames or collect advice of your friends who would know better.