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The disadvantage and the advantage of the rimless frames

Now in these years, rimless glasses are becoming more and more popular, whatever the old or young, men or women, all like it, in my opinion, it looks more gently and elegant when people wearing it.

While at the same time, the frame itself is delicate, it is more easy to broken. So when you select it, first of all, according to you prescription, if your prescription is not very strong, especially less than -2.50, I suggest you select 1.61, l.67 or PC lenses, comparing to the regular lenses, these higher index has great advance on lenses thickness and self weigh without compromissing optical quality. High index lenses are strongly recommended to customers with prescription above 300 to improve their comfort ablility of wearing eyeglasses. They are the perfect selection for the rimless frame, not only the high quality but also the comfortable degree.

What is more, if you want to buy a pair of polarized glasses, for this kind of glasses, there is a polarizing film in the lenses, it is easy to fall off because nothing can fix this film in the edge of the rim.

Besides, the great advantage of the rimless frame is that the rim shape can be changed. The full rim or the half rim, the shape of the rim is fixed, while for the rimless one, the rim shape can be customized for the one that you like, enlarge or shrink.

The rimless glasses, you must be more careful when you wearing it or off, morever, you must be sure please take and put it away as gently as possible. In that way, you will use it much longer.

Don’t put the rimless eyeglasses on the top of your head. If you do it, the result is that you must buy a new one.